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Ecomm Culture

Portable Blender Bottle

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Fresh Smoothies & Juice Every Morning

Tired of waiting in line at the local smoothie bar each morning? Now you can avoid the lines and enjoy your fresh morning juice and smoothies at a fraction of the price, whenever and wherever you like.

Simply put your favourite fruit or vegetables inside the Portable Blender Bottle, and your ready to get on with your day, and when you're ready simply blend them all together and enjoy. 


Cute Trendy Design

This is the most elegant blender ever made! Designed as a luxury, hip and cute-looking bottle, but with a blender inside. The compact design and subtle colors complement your fashion sense and will captivate anyone who sees it.

Special Features:

  • SLIM & SLEEK DESIGN – Compact and aesthetic design makes it easy to carry around
  • BUILT IN BATTERY – Enjoy up to 15 blends on a single charge
  • SILENT BLADE TECHNOLOGY – Our blender offers you a silent solution for when it comes to your blending needs
  • FROZEN FRUIT COMPATIBLE – The ability to blend frozen fruits so you can create a fresh cold smoothie
  • DURABLE & DROP PROOF – Made with BPA free plastic, we offer an aesthetic look without sacrificing durability
  • WIRELESS CHARGING - Comes with  a unique wireless charging feature which makes it efficient for daily use

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  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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